Frequently Asked Question

You ask. We answer.

With datMachine you can easily identify which types of visitors are more likely to convert in paying customers, discover which parts of your website influence customer decision making process the most( both positively and negatively) and find unexpected patterns in visitors' behavior.
The main advantage of our service over competitors is that we are not just showing you some facts about your website. We are focusing on the process of turning visitors into customers and trying to find deep reasons for different types of behavior in order to increase revenue of our customer.
First of all, you need to sign up, then copy tracking code, insert it into your html code and wait for some time until sufficient amount of data is collected.
After you've inserted tracking code into your html code - reload any page of you site, login to your datMachine account and you'll see a progress bar.
No, tracking code works asynchronously and doesn't affect your site at all. All data is being processed on our servers and as a result your visitors won't notice any changes.
Country, city, type of device, traffic source, number of visits and time spent on different pages.
To provide high-quality results we need to collect sufficient amount of data about your website. Usually, it takes no more than 2 weeks.
Currently, our company is at its early stage, and that's why your feedback is much more valuable for us than your money.