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Our RESTful API easily integrates into whatever setup you have. Focus on your business - We'll take care of the rest.
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Simple and informative dashboards with metrics that translate your company’s strategy and goals into concrete actions.
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Business Intelligence for SAAS startups

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Conversion rates

Acquire customers more intelligently - discover which traffic sources are bringing greater amount of new paying customers to your business. Stop spending you money on inefficient marketing channels.


Find out how many active customers you have, how many of them switched to a higher or lower plans, what is an average monthly revenue for your customers and how it changes over time.


With Datmachine you can easily track two most important financial metrics for any SaaS company: customer acquisition cost (CAC) and customer lifetime value (CLV). Compare them and get rid of all unprofitable traffic channels.

Churn rate

Track how many customers you lose from each payment plan month to month. If you want to create revenue growth, you should not only add new customers but also keep the ones you have.

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The demo opens a lot of the most basic and understood information. I enjoyed looking at all the data available. I was even impulsively inspired to engage with a data tool for business profits.


Data analyst

I see that your dashboard provides easy to see and interpret diagrams and graphs on my startup about things that really matter to the company. It saves time as I no longer need to calculate it myself.



I like that I am able to filter very seemlesly between different variable such as what customers use PPC Vs. Organic and their individual conversion rates. This app seems promising for business turning to online sales.



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